How to improve your hitting swing

About the Hitting Disk?

Developing the hands of a perfect swing. Created by Ben Boulware of America’s Baseball Camps and endorsed by Craig Nettles the 6-time Major League All Star, 5-time World Series contender. “One of the best training tools I have seen in years!” says Craig.
We designed the hitting disk specifically for teaching proper swing fundamentals to the thousands of players enrolled at America’s Baseball Camps all across North America.
“The swing plane is on of the most important aspect in hitting. Bottom line, the longer you stay through the ball the better your swing is. This tool is perfect for that as I think all hitters would benefit greatly from this product.” Steve McFarland, Professional Coach – Chicago Cubs
The Hitting Disk™ teaches a simple, but fundamental bat-swing motion and allows you to properly repeat it over and over without fatigue and strain. It’s fun to use, really inexpensive and proven effective! Practice a proper swing & approach every time! The Hitting Disk is actually the basis for a fundamental palm-up, palm-down hitting drill. You work on throwing your hands toward the pitcher and building a keen understanding of the angles of your swing. Once the Hitting Disk leaves your hands you get instant feedback if you rolled your hands too early, or are approaching the ball upward. Rolling your hands over too early will show a ground ball and the disk will not fly. Approaching the ball with an upward swing will make the disk fly upwards. If you’ve used proper from, the Hitting Disk will leave your hands and take off like a line drive!
Just a bit of practice can really improve your batting speed and power. Remember, the more consistent your swing plane and hand position, the more consistent your hitting will be. Created for any age. Practice indoors! Beginners and coaches alike can benefit from using the Hitting Disk™. It’s lightweight and soft so you can use it indoors or out to work on building batting fundamentals anytime.